Jane The Virgin

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A virginal young woman's routine medical assessment abruptly transforms her life into a story as complicated and dramatic at the same time as the telenovelas she loves. The animation of a pious, hardworking Latina female is turned upside down when a doctor visit reveals she was artificially inseminated by accident. When her babe daddy's wild past comes to agile, Jane chooses to keep working all the rage the hotel he manages to accompany if he and his wife would be good parents. Jane decides around is no point in clinging en route for her virginity and plans a adore encounter with Michael, despite her burgeon feelings for Rafael.

The CW show understands that losing your virginity can be just as baffling as exciting. Every Sunday, we accept a new episode of the week. It could be good. It could be bad. It will always be interesting. You can read the archives here. It followed her journey en route for motherhood even while she was — thanks to a promise she made to her grandmother as a adolescent — determined to remain a virgin until marriage. It was always, designed for better and for worse, a colossal part of her identity — after that the same held true for the show. I mean, the series is called Jane the Virgin.

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