What Does a Hot Flash Feel Like?

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Increased heart rate Visual problems If you develop any of these symptoms, you must lower your body temperature and get hydrated right away. Stop exercising immediately and get out of the heat. If possible, have someone stay with you who can help monitor your condition. Measuring core body temperature with a rectal thermometer is essential to accurately determine the degree of heat injury. An oral, ear or forehead thermometer doesn't provide an accurate temperature reading for this purpose. In cases of heatstroke, due to confusion and mental status changes, you won't be able to treat yourself and you'll require emergency medical care.

Thermoregulation is one of the most central physiological functions for when individuals are exposed to extreme hot environments. All the rage addition, the incidence is greater all the rage persons who are dehydrated, who are not acclimated to hot environments, before who have low levels of animal fitness and daily activity even but they are healthy [ 1 ]. More importantly, the incidence is better in individuals with obesity, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases, due to impaired thermoregulatory responses [ 1 , 2 ]. It is also greater all the rage individuals with attenuated thermoregulatory responses, such as those with skin grafts, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis [ 3 , 4 , 5 ]. Moreover, an extreme hot environment be able to be dangerous for the elderly constant those who are healthy because of the normal aging process [ 1 , 2 ]. This chapter at the outset discusses thermoregulation during work and application in warm and hot conditions after that the possible physiological effects of humoral and other important factors on thermoregulation.

A few prescription medications may cause or aggravate hot flashes, including those used all the rage chemotherapy. Cigarette smoking is associated along with midlife hot flashes. Radiation therapy designed for cancer treatment may also cause angry flashes and night sweats. How be able to you decrease anxiety during menopause?

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