My Husband Wants Anal Sex It Hurts and Now He’s Upset With Me

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I read your articles all the time and I have a question. You say that marriages benefit from conversing about sex, but what if your partner discredits your opinion. My partner has an anal fetish. And, because I love him, I tried it because he asked me to. I expressed this to him and his reaction was unexpected. He feels that my distaste for it is not based on my own feelings, but rather based upon media hype, social views etc. I did try it, and that I based my decision on how it felt, physically, which was painful and uncomfortable.

Allow a question about relationships and femininity for seniors? Every month in Femininity at Our Age, award-winning senior sexpert Joan Price answers your questions a propos everything from loss of desire en route for solo sex and partner issues. Naught is out of bounds! My companion and I are in our 60s, very active and in good fitness. When she was in the air, my wife really enjoyed sex after that had great orgasms, but that air hit less and less frequently. I finally became frustrated with being bowed down and just waited for her to initiate sex. So our femininity lives dwindled until around 15 years ago she realized a more accepted sex life might be a able thing.

I really feel too young to be living a sexless life! Can you help? Some men take an addition, others take Viagra. Some men abuse a vacuum pump. A vacuum drain creates a pumping sensation when locate over the penis. It creates the blood flow needed for an assembly.

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