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The other day my seven-year-old daughter, Pippa, and I rode the flow trail at our local mountain bike park. Before we started, I coached her on the basics of downhill mountain biking: keep your weight back, your pedals level, and feather the brakes. Then she pushed off, shrieking with glee as she rolled over the first loamy whoop-de-woo. I rode behind Pippa, watching her handle her bike with confidence, control, and joy. Still there were moments when I had to bite my tongue and resist the urge to scream Careful! The desire to protect our children from harm is innate and reflexive and, at times, all-consuming. But too much can be limiting and, especially for girls, potentially detrimental to their development. Paul is the author of the bestselling new book The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure, which is part high-energy how-to guide, part hilarious memoir, and part interactive adventure journal designed to help girls of all ages build confidence, pluck, and bravery by venturing outside.

It is in good condition and old occasionally. Kent Girls' 20 Sweet Bicycle. The Rock Diva from Kent Global is an attention-getting machine for a girl with a spirit of escapade. Free standard shipping.

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