The Reasons Why Married Women Cheat on Their Husbands

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Fri 24 Jul We have been lovers for six years, having met before she got married or pregnant. I chose non-monogamy as a lifestyle, having meaningful relations with more than one woman at a time in a transparent and conscious manner. Around 16 months ago, she told me that I was the love of her life and that from the moment she met me she knew she wanted to be with me. I also started to spend more time with her and her child, and began to fall more deeply in love with her. We decided we wanted to build a life together and that she would leave her husband. I felt very hurt and kept going with my life, dating other women. But I was comparing them with her and did not manage to truly bond with any of them.

Acquaintance us Click is a product provided by OnePlusOne. Registered in England after that Wales. Company No. We sometimes alter posts to ensure Click is a safe, respectful place to share stories and questions. Hello lovely people! I wanted to share my current circumstance with you as it is not easy for me. I am a 23yo male currently having a affiliation with a woman who is 14 years older than me

Although what drives women to cheat? After that do they stray as much after that for the same reasons as men? Watch the full story on Nightline tonight at a. ET Katherine, whose name has been changed, said she and her husband were married designed for 14 years. After undergoing major authority loss and multiple plastic surgeries, she began looking for excitement outside of what she said was a boring marriage and turned to AshleyMadison. I was feeling very lonely one dark, Katherine said. I was bored, arrange my phone in the parking allocation, sitting in my car, pulled ahead AshleyMadison, and decided to open my first profile to see what would happen. Were the second-biggest dating advantage on the planet, Biderman said. This is not a kids game.

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Although the truth is that cheating be able to rock even the happiest marriages. Around are so many different reasons why women cheat. The same applies en route for husbands. Loneliness might play a chief role in affairs, as do dullness and alcohol. Sometimes a close affiliation with a colleague is taken also far during a long night by the office. Other times a husband turns to infidelity to fill a physical or emotional void left empty by their partner. But the basis causes with every individual relationship. Figuring out why some wives cheat arrange their husbands is worth looking addicted to. Walker, an associate professor of sociology at Missouri State University.

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