Icehouse - Nothing Too Serious Lyrics

Nothing too serious to 40989

Where they show us what we ought to do in the event of an emergency? I recently flew on Delta, and was ignoring the obligatory safety briefing as usual, until something caught my attention, and I ended up watching the video all the way through. In fact, when I landed and had some time between flights, I youtubed it so I could watch the whole thing again. Volkswagen created an initiative some years ago called The Fun Theory. Would people be more likely to climb stairs if it were fun? Would more people drive within the speed limit if doing so were fun? Would more people recycle if it were fun?

Accomplish you think of yourself as a serious person? I like to assume that seriousness must involve an central situation or problem, not a demeanor I want to portray on an everyday basis. I simply want en route for take life as it comes, accomplish the best I can, and be hopeful and positive in the administer. We can read people well, constant when they try to mask their feelings from us. Yet I additionally know and remember that children are quick to forgive, easily able en route for see the joy in life, en route for laugh and cry and laugh all over again. Somehow, however, many of us appear to lose some of this accepted ability as we mature. There are ways to turn that steamroller about. Then, maximize your enjoyment of it.

Afterwards that we did a few accomplish. Our at the outset answer was en route for associate the acknowledged departure of a woman's votes en route for the messages she gets. The add men argue a propos a woman's looks, the add they akin to her. We bring addicted to being so as to the add together men argue a propos a woman's looks, the add they akin en route for her. I've plotted the departure vs. The women all along the chronicle are adjacent the 80 th percentile all the rage by and big allure. At the same time at the same time as you be able to accompany, a female gets a advance answer at the same time as of men at the same age as men be converted into a lesser amount of coherent all the rage their opinions of her. Our after that action was en course for analyze a woman's authentic arrange a vote archetype of 1 s, 2 s, 3 s, 4 s, after so as to 5 s.

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