Eerie Devils Well gets first look in decades

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However, everything going on with the Devils Hole Desert Pupfish encompasses both, arming you with plenty of reason to set some days aside—heck, even a Tuesday—to understand and live this whole excursion for yourself. There is so much to write home about the Devils Hole Desert Pupfish and its crazy-alluring environment, so—please—read on! There are different types of Desert Pupfish, sure, but the Devils Hole variety Cyprinodon diabolis, if you want to get technical has only about ish individuals left in existence, all living together in the smallest, and probably most unique habitat of any known vertebrate species on earth. Read it and weep, friends. The Devils Hole Desert Pupfish was already on the radar of desert dwellers and scientists back in the s, prompting the unwavering research of Ichthyologist Robert Rush Miller to shine a light on this incredibly fascinating and tremendously rare species of fish. Suddenly, the word was out: this place was cool. By the s, hydrogeologists realized this location was unlike anywhere else on Planet Earth and installed hydrographical instruments to keep tabs on what was going down beneath the surface. Crazy, right?

The turtle tumbled through a small astound opening last week and fell 90 feet straight down into a colossal cavern before splashing into Missouri's largest known underground lake. The reptile was discovered — still alive and swimming — a week ago by a group of cave explorers who rappelled into Devil's Well to see can you repeat that? might be living here. The bottomless waterway near the current River is larger than a football field. The land turtle would not survive. Visitors can walk down winding stairs en route for reach a metal platform that offers a glimpse through the small astound opening of the underground lake a good deal below. The strange cavern and lagoon were explored in the s, although it has been many decades as anyone took a scientific look by how the cave and its critters are doing.

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