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Pet care is among the hottest internet startup spaces globally. The segment came to life inwhen Pets. The company crashed spectacularly and became the symbol of the dotcom bubble, but that had little effect on the fortunes of the segment. Only recently, SoftBank-backed Wag and Rover have grown fast and attracted large amounts of capital. The sector even has its own catchy name— Doggie Tech. Owners are extravagant with pets the way parents are with children. For companies, there is money to be made from say, walking dogs, vet treatment, grooming, food and so on. But the sector has been fragmented and offline for years.

We love the word shenanigans. Shenanigans is used informally to mean either damage or pranks, as in Steve after that Matt planned the usual Halloween shenanigans of toilet-papering houses. Shenanigans can additionally mean deceit or trickery, as all the rage The company took a hard ancestry against shenanigans like filing expenses designed for items never purchased. The first records of shenanigans come from about It is an Americanism of unknown basis. The word shenanigans is often old to describe the practical jokes pulled by children and teenagers or the mischief that they get into.

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