The Mystery of the Stiletto Heel Designer

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Editorial Feature. Today, the high-heeled shoe trots across every fashionable street in the world, not to mention the catwalks. But high heels also have a long and complex history; did you know that heeled shoes date back to 9th-century Persia and soldiers in heeled riding boots? Later, the trend was popularized by Catherine de Medici who, at 4 foot 9 inches, wanted to stand a bit taller for her wedding day, thus bringing the the high heel to a mass audience. But its a long way from these kinds of heels to the one that dominates today — the stiletto meaning 'knife' in Italian. Characterized by a thin, long steel rod, metal tips, and a height that can reach up to 25cm, the stiletto is very much a 20th-century invention. But the question remains — who invented it? There are three designers who, in their own ways, can all lay claim to the title of 'Stiletto Inventor'. So take a look at the designers who literally took the heel to a whole new level.

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