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Burt Reynolds has died, reportedly in a Florida hospital after a heart attack. Read his obituary here. It's 40 years since a nude Cosmopolitan centrefold of actor Burt Reynolds broke a taboo and launched a new era of women's magazine publishing. Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown saw it as a victory for women whose visual appetites had been ignored by male magazine editors and proprietors. It also boosted Cosmopolitan's circulation and turned Burt Reynolds into a s sex icon. So what was the story behind the photograph?

Allure featuring nude entertainers in California, postcard shows the performers posing in their colony Zorro Garden Nudist Colony was an attraction at the Pacific Global Exposition in Balboa Park in San Diego , California. It was located in Zoro Garden , a at the bottom of the sea garden originally created for the Panama-California Exposition. Billed as a nudist city state , it was populated by borrowed performers rather than actual practicing nudists. The women wore only G-strings; the men wore loincloths or trunks. Adequate attendees could pay for admission en route for bleacher-type seats, or they could glance through knotholes in a wooden barrier for free.

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