Mid-life crisis begins in mid-30s Relate survey says

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Work and relationship pressures make the mids the start of many British people's unhappiest decade, a survey suggests. Of the 2, people quizzed, more aged 35 to 44 said that they felt lonely or depressed than in other age groups. Relationship advice charity Relate, which is behind the research, said it revealed a true mid-life crisis. The same proportion said they felt closer to friends than family, and a quarter said they wished they had more time for their family. Claire Tyler, Relate's chief executive, said: Traditionally we associated the mid-life crisis with people in their late 40s to 50s, but the report reveals that this period could be reaching people earlier than we would expect. Professor Cary Cooper, the president of the charity and a researcher in work stress at Lancaster University, said that things were only likely to worsen in the current economic climate, as more was demanded of fewer employees. He said: We're already working the longest hours in Europe - if you constantly work people long hours it's not good for their health. It also shed light on how family relationships are standing up to modern life.

Denial one sums up the opposing attitudes of what constitutes a healthy, average sex drive better than Woody Allen. But more on that later. Can you repeat that? is less understood is the broken up matrix of biological, psychological and collective factors that influence it. Testosterone is the key hormone controlling sex ambition in men and women, but disproportionate work hours, lack of sleep, at a low level energy levels or too much alcohol also have adverse impacts. So also do unresolved conflicts in the affiliation or wider family.

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