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I have a lot of controversial opinions, but maybe my most controversial is that I am a firm advocate in never sleeping naked. I've tried it in so many different senses — going to sleep fully bare alone, going to sleep fully bare with a partner, and falling dead clothed and somehow waking up all the rage the middle of the night after that stripping down naked??? In an attempt to do that, here are 11 reasons why no one ever should sleep naked. Sorry to put this image in your head but a minute ago picture it: Your house is ablaze, there's smoke coming in from below the door, you've gotta get absent fast, but you aren't wearing a few clothes!!! Don't put yourself in this situation. Be prepared for emergencies; be asleep in a T-shirt or something. I'm not saying you're a grownup who still pees the bed or has nasty farts that will somehow bring down your bed or something.

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