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We inherit a lot from our a parents. But having a crappy dad or an absent one can have its own set of consequences—especially for women in the dating pool. Women who grew up without a caring father, or have bad childhood memories of their dad, are more likely to perceive sexual intent in men, according to a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In the study, researchers ran five separate experiments in which half of the participating women were asked to recall a time when their father was absent for an important life event, while the other half were asked to remember a time when their father was present or their mother was absent. In the second phase of the experiments, all of the women were asked to rate the perceived level of sexual interest in men based on factors like their behavior hand-holding or flirting, for example and facial expressions. The results? Women who were reminded of painful or disappointing experiences with their father but not their mother were overwhelmingly more likely to think a man was sexually interested in them. And always, please be a gentleman. Read article.

We're sure you've heard a the call 'sugar baby' before, but what does being one actually mean? Is it safe? How do they protect themselves from any potential danger that comes with being a sugar baby. Can you repeat that? is being with a sugar daddy like?

En route for set things straight and get you in the know about this about always misused, misunderstood, and overly gendered concept, we reached out to Amy Rollo, triple licensed psychotherapist and holder of Heights Family Counseling in Houston, Texas. This is a term he coined to describe a person who has unconscious impulses and associations at the same time as a result of a poor affiliation with their father. From that assumption came the Oedipus complexthe theory so as to children have a subconscious attraction en route for their opposite sex parent. Oedipus byzantine refers specifically to boys.

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