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As long as cleanliness and comfort are never neglected and there is always a nod to elegance and quality, we have learned that, like us, most people are hungry for something different. Something unique. Something not taupe. We have expanded four times over the years and with each expansion — our most recent being The Roxbury at Stratton Falls — we have tried to push the boundaries of wow-factor to new levels of detail, new levels of conceptualization, and new levels of new levels of new levels. Au contraire. They still have the same goal in mind — to make you smile when you open the door for the first time. In this section of our website we invite you to explore the rooms of our first baby — The Roxbury Motel. And no matter what rate or room theme you choose — all rooms honor the boutique hotel convention that really matters the most — lots of fun freebies! Complimentary continental breakfast, top shelf bath products, fluffy towels, supersoft sheets, modern room technology, and a host of other fun room amenity surprises await your enjoyment beyond every door!

Accumulate this Save this for later. Of all the eerie places around the world —and there are a lot—there's something extra spooky about haunted hotels. Maybe it's the influence of accordingly many movies and TV showsbut things going bump in the night appear to be even, er, bumpier all the rage a hall packed with sleeping strangers. Having said that, those same anxious hotels can also be extremely comfy, with more than just urban legends to get your heart thumping. Whether they're castles in Ireland or acme resorts from our Readers' Choice Awardscheck out these hotels that all allow a little

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