Tattoos as a window to the psyche: How talking about skin art can inform psychiatric practice

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Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Tattooing the skin as a means of personal expression is a ritualized custom that has been around for centuries across many different cultures. Accordingly, the symbolic meaning of tattoos has evolved over time and is highly individualized, from both the internal perspective of the wearer and the external angle of an observer. Within modern Western societies through the s, tattoos represented a cultural taboo, typically associated along with those outside of the mainstream such as soldiers, incarcerated criminals, gang members, and others belonging to marginalized after that counter-cultural groups. This paper aims en route for review the more recent epidemiology of tattoos in Western culture in array to establish that tattooing has be converted into a mainstream phenomenon.

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Aim as we might to find it, there is no consistent script designed for those who choose to participate. Which is to say: No one accost will speak specifically to yours. Beneath are six people who fit so as to bill, so scroll to read their stories and advice and then acquaint with me yours. She got her at the outset tattoo at I got my first tattoo when I was 14! My mom had just gone absent for the evening, and my sister and I decided to have a party at our house.

T he first tattoo I ever adage belonged to my grandad. He had it done in Scotland during his national service in the 50s, accordingly the tattoo must have been add than 30 years old when I became fascinated by it. I old to ask him to roll ahead his shirtsleeve and I would abuse my finger to follow the chart of a woman cheekily reclining all the rage a margarita glass. The shading so as to was supposed to indicate the flirty curl of the woman's toes had become a faded, bluish blur. At once and again, he'd wink and about it was a picture of my granny. She would purse her lips in pretend disapproval. My grandad died over 15 years ago and I'd have to look at a get something on film to remember the details of his face, but I can always bear in mind that tattoo. I was raised all the rage a religious household where tattoos were verboten; the body was a holy place and women even hesitated over acute their ears. Modesty in all things was required, especially for girls, after that a flash of colour on the skin was a desecration of a holy vessel made in God's air.

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