Why more women are suggesting open relationships

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Two divorce experts weigh in on why and what to do about it. August 18, Getty Images When women out-earn their husbands, marriages struggle. Retirement and Divorce: Protecting Your Finances When Marital Bliss Turns Sour Many relationships that do not conform to the traditional norm of the man playing the role of provider do not fare well. The University of Chicago study points to several reasons, including tension between the partners, due to a combination of societal expectations of men and deep-seated ideas about gender roles, leading to arguments. Men Who Cheat on Their Breadwinning Wives Studies also show that when a wife out-earns her husband, he is more likely to cheat. For men, financial dependence may be particularly threatening, resulting in relationship-sabotaging behavior, and cheating may be a subliminal way to bolster his self-esteem or re-establish his sense of masculinity.

It wasn't to indicate distaste for the mythical being because, hey, I adjust my hair color enough to be in solidarity with their rainbow artistic. Instead it was to cut along on messages from couples who were unicorn-hunting. The joke is that the existence of such a woman is so elusive she may as able-bodied be a mythological creature. Obviously defective to have a threesome between consenting adults is a common and absolutely healthy fantasy, and triads are individual of many relationship models that be able to work for different people.

All item on this page was elect by a Woman's Day editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to accept. Apr 8, Getty Images Ever air like your opinionated hubby's holding a bite back? Men aren't naturally gifted by expressing themselves like women, so they may keep quiet about sensitive subjects.

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